Best headphones for asmr

Hay, everyone welcome to my blog and in this article you will learn about some of the best headphones for asmr. So, what are the best headphones for asmr ?

Cowin E7 headphones

Cowin E7 is a great wireless headphones with active noise cancellation which does a fair job in blocking sensible levels of noise making them a suitable choice for individuals looking for a near to perfect audio experience.
The outer structure displays strong built made in blend of both metal and plastic parts. Along with that, the long battery time is worth investing for regular use.The frequency response varies between 22 to 20,000 Hertz and comes across as clean and clear sound enhancing the listening abilities to several folds. Its sophisticated active noise cancellation technology has been able to suppress noises from an airplane cabin and a ruckus busy street making it the best in the industry.

• Active noise cancellation technology
• Minimal leakage of sound till an acceptable range of volume
• Commendable bass effect
• Compatible with both android and iOS
• Smooth equalization performance
• Optional 3.5mm cord
• Variations in color
• Battery: 750 mAh, 30 hours backup

Bose QuietComfort 35 ll


The introduction of headphones has taken the audio experience to new soaring heights with recreating live surround sound like never before. Bose QuietComfort 35 ll review is making its entry into the same league as one of the top contenders in wireless noise cancellation technology. It is aimed at providing world-class audio quality at moderate pricing.

It is complemented with a 3.5mm optional cable and weighs around 240 g and offers an impactful bass effect. Bose headphones have a relatively simple basic paring method making it customer-friendly on various levels.It comes with well-cushioned earcups that feel light on-ear making it the go-to alternative for longer durations to be switching between multitudes of functions ranging from listening to audiobooks, movies, music.

With its adequate usage of resources and exceptionally long battery backup provided at attractively affordable pricing makes it an ideal choice for traveling.

• The clarity in sound quality
• Satisfactory noise cancellation levels
• Extensive battery life with up to 40 hours on wired headphones and 30 hours wireless
• Convenient pairing with devices
• Comfortable for long durations usage

Sennheiser HD 599

If you are an avid listener of music, you got to choose the best headphones ever. There are more than a few headphones company in the market that are competing against each other. However, Sennheiser has proven to be one of the best companies producing headphones. This is only because people love using Sennheiser headphones. The quality of the Sennheiser HD 599 is quite high and is used mostly used by many people. You can spend an amazing leisurely time at home listening to music from this headphone. To further make a clear Sennheiser HD 599 review, we will point out some of its mindblowing features that set this headphone apart from others.

• These headphones are extremely lightweight and can be worn comfortably over your head.
• The Bass is quite excellent and delivers a good range of sound frequency.
• The design of this headphone makes the soundstage quite spacious.
• It comes with the soft and replaceable ear cups that are best for your ears and can provide quite the comfort.
• The headphone has got a premium design, which makes it look extremely classy.

Creative Aurvana Live Headphone


This headphone has quite extensive features of its own It is very difficult to find any shortcoming in this headphone, as it is almost nearly perfect. As we now go through the Creative Aurvana Live headphone review, you will have a clear understanding of things. This headphone is quite promising and delivers everything to its customers as it claims. There are two earcups that are joined with the padded headband that measures near about 3.5 inches. The padding is very soft and leatherette that gives you ultimate comfort. You can enjoy a high quality better sound that is all you look for in a headphone.It is one of the best headphone for asmr that you can find at a budget price point.

The features of the Creative Aurvana Live headphone can definitely blow your mind. Further in this Creative Aurvana Live headphone review, we can come to the conclusion why this headphone is a better purchase.

• The clarity of the audio of this headphone is quite fantastic. There is a very strong and crisp sound that comes out from the treble and bass.
• This headphone is extremely lightweight and could be carried along easily because of being portable.
• It is not a very expensive headphone and has a quite stylish design.
• The padding of the headband is very comfortable to wear overhead.
• This headphone can be used both for home use as well as for exterior use.

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