The growing popularity of ASMR

In this busy world, everyone is running for their work, in their free time they are looking for some relaxation in order to stay away from the work for some time. Based on their interest people tend to choose their relaxation methods. Some people may like to hear music, some may like to watch videos, play games or simply reading any kind of books or magazines which make them feel so tension free from their regular life. While some people likes to do meditations or do full body massage to make their mind relax and stress free for some time. Internet is the best platform to satisfy all your learning needs. For recording asmr you would need a microphone, to find out what are the best microphones for asmr click here.

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Experience ASMR

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meditation Response which refers to a special sensation feel in response to certain kind of triggers. This special sensation feeling makes you feel so relaxed like a state of meditation.  This feeling begins with just tingling in the neck or scalp and it can move to other body parts, only by certain triggers, a person can experience this awesome feel. It is usually a response to some sort of sound which makes ASMR wow, it can give special feel without any physical contact, and physical sensations are generated. You really can get amazing experience with ASMR.

Guided Meditations

It’s just like a guided meditation where the person can be more concentrated and fully focused on what they hearing with the tingling sounds. And it is not necessary to imagine something or be in a natural pleasant environment which makes you feel so relax. Whispering or murmuring sound is the most common trigger for ASMR. There are many different kind of whispering videos are available in the internet, among those videos most of them are firmly developed to trigger the viewers of ASMR. In addition to whispering, there are some other common triggers are available to get the sensation sound, they are scratching, blowing, personal attention, tapping and concentrating mind. Most of the people are triggered by some of the above triggers many times in their life and they started to feel it.

ASMR videos available online

Most of the ASMR videos found in the internet are mainly concentrated around the personal attention trigger. By role playing techniques these triggers are specially designed. The videos are very simple tasks done by the people such as flipping papers, tingling carry bags, folding clothes, combing the hair, biting nails, water dropping, rain falling, making whispering sounds and many others. Most of the times we think some background music are playing, but actually it’s not. Some people specially do some kind of videos by making some artificial sounds to trigger ASMR. There are many YouTube channels are available for this asmr different kind of trigger videos by role playing. You can experience different kinds of emotional response to each type of trigger. ASMR also have a benefit which helps to treat people who are suffered with insomnia or simply called as sleeplessness by stimulating the trigger videos.