Everything You Need To Know About ISO Level

ISO is one of the most important settings that can make or break a photo. Every photographer must learn to master this mode. If you set the right ISO setting than your photos would look (Click here to see some photography tips for beginners. Now, coming to the topic, in his article you will find some basic knowledge about ISO settings and how ISO can affect the quality of your photographs.


How does ISO effects the picture quality?

To be honest You need to set the right ISO in every condition possible,i.e, taking photos during cloudy days or at night times(also in indoor lighting conditions). Like if you pick a high ISO setting than it would usually result in a grainy or noisy image while choosing to go with low ISO setting would make your photos look crisp and good.

Often in cameras, the ISO is set to auto resulting in a mix of good and bad photos. It is better to manually set The ISO yourself to your desired need.

Whenever I take photos I first try to set the ISO at auto to test how the photo looks but later I changed it to manual mode. Manual mode gives a wide option for you to choose the perfect options to make the photos come out to be good. usually, an ISO of 100 is considered to be Normal but you can get better results if you bump up the ISO to like 200-400(my favourite option is ISO 300).

When do you really need to set the ISO?

There might be a situation where you would need more exposers or less noisy image. So, at this time the ISO mode comes in handy. IF you set the right ISO level than your photos would look great.

Let us discuss some condition that you would face and would be in need to set the ISO level

1. During the night when there is not much light available, i.e, candlelight or any kind of artificial light.

2.Indoor lighting condition where there is also not much light present.

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