Some Basic Term In Photography That You Should Know

Hey, folks welcome to my blog and in these blog post, you will learn about some basic photography terms. These terms may be familiar for pro photographers but for some beginner knowing these basic terms would be great.

1.Burst mode-

One of my favourite mode for taking photos. Most of the photographers use burst mode to take multiple photos at a click. For selecting this mode (burst mode) you just have to open the camera’s menu and click on the burst mode.
With this mode turned on you can take multiple photos within a few seconds (the speed of may vary from camera to camera).


We can define the term Exposure as an option by which we can control the brightness. With this mode we can easily change/set the brightness, making it easy to take the photo in the certain environment. This mode comes in handy when the environmental condition for taking a photo is not up to the desired needs i.e in low light conditions.


The term is used to determine the sensitivity of the camera to light, means an ISO of 3200 is highly sensitive to light while an ISO of 100 is not highly sensitive to light. I would consider a good ISO to be in the range of 100-400 depending on the conditions.

So, how does an ISO affect the overall picture quality? To clarify these you should know that a very high ISO would a grainy and less detail picture and not much high ISO would produce a good image. That’s why you should try to play with the ISO settings.

4.Manual mode-

This mode is for the pro-photographer who knows what settings to apply so as to produce good quality photos. In this mode, you have the ability to control the Shutter speed, exposure, ISO, scene modes etc. It gives you the full control of the setting that the camera comes with, to say this mode is way better than the auto-mode.


Note- I will be updating these article in near future.