Things to consider when buying a new smartphone.

All the peoples want to take a photograph on their smartphones. Nowadays, the camera is the most important part in the smartphones. There are some factors you need to look out while buying the smartphone with the high-quality camera.
Actually, the photographic qualities of a smartphone become the massive selling point. Before purchasing the smartphone most of the peoples asked, how well the camera performs?
Features to look for good camera smartphones

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The number of megapixels

All the top list smartphones have between 12-21 megapixels which are good for your camera. But you also have to look out um pixel figure which improves the image quality. If two smartphones sitting at the top of your choice list, you have to look at the pixel figure. Which smartphone has quite large is allowed to gather a lighter and as a result, it captures high-quality photos.

Lenses and zoom

Now, the smartphones offer better lenses and sometimes it offers the excellent aperture than the small digital cameras. Smartphone designers want to make as compact as possible. Some smartphones have wide angle prime lenses and we all know the features of the prime over zooms. If you are using your feet instead of using pinch zoom feature, you will get the better photos. The clip-on lenses also the options of some smartphones and some wide variety of manufacturers now create these feature.
It is really worth if the smartphone has two lenses with different focal lengths. Which means you have a 2x optical zoom compared to the single fixed lens.


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High dynamic range

HDR or high dynamic range is existing on the photography for a long time. The smartphone comes with high dynamic range features. HDR helps to take the picture with better dynamic range and it improves the picture quality. By using this feature, we have more beneficial when capturing the outdoor portraits in sunlight, landscapes, heavily backlight pictures.

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Camera control options

Every time a new phone is released, it seems to have more control options. The features of the camera and control options are very important to a new releasing smartphone.
Some options are automatic point and click options and some smartphones offer pro / manual mode options. The control options differ from phone to phone. But you will able to edit the ISO, adjust the white balance of the shot, shoot in RAW, and use exposure compensation. Nowadays, the smartphones come with selective focus mode that will only focus on your image and it will blur the background of your image. This mode gives the impressive image to the users.
There are various filters available in both modes and also you will find the capturing options like square cropped images, time lapse, panoramas, and video.


4k video quality is appearing on some newer smartphone. It captures high-quality video. The cheapest smartphones capture maximum video quality out to 1080p or even 720p. Sometimes it is also worth because the 4k videos take a lot of storage space.