What type of Camera to buy in 2018 ?

There are many different types of digital camera ranging from a few hundred to thousands of dollars that you can buy nowadays on the market. But it also created confusion for those who are new to buying cameras because many don’t know what would be the best camera that would fulfil their needs. So, for this reason, I have written this article to provide an Idea of what type of camera to buy.


Digital cameras nowadays have developed a lot resulting in better photos as well as video quality. In most of the cameras, you would find a lot of features making it a bonus point.

So, what are the different types of cameras to buy in 2018?

Standard Compact

As the name suggests “standard Compact”, these type of cameras are usually lightweight, small enough to carry in your pocket or bag. For a beginner, these type of camera would be a great option. They have an easy to use interface and also comes with a lot of options like options to set the shutter speed, ISO level, and many more great options. You can find these type of camera ranging from few bucks to hundreds of dollars. One of my favorite standard Compact camera is the Sony DSC wx220/B

1. Lightweight, easy to carry.

DSLR(Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera)

These types of cameras are also known as Digital Single Lens Reflex camera. If you want to take high-quality photos then DSLR the best options. Mostly these types of cameras are used by professional photographers because of the quality of photos it can produce. You can find these types of camera for few hundreds to thousands of dollars.
Besides all this, you also have the capability to change the lens depending on your needs. So, just buy a DSLR to shoot photos like a pro. If you consider buying a DSLR then I would recommend the Canon EOS 5D Mark iv.

1. Comes with the option to change lens.
2.Good for photography(can produce high-quality photo).

Bridge camera

coming at number 3 we have a bridge camera, their type of camera are of the best type of camera for those who want to shoot a photo like a pro.
A bridge camera is capable of producing some of the best high-quality photos making it a great option. But unlike a DSLR Bridge camera don’t come with the options to change lens. A bridge camera can also cost a hundred to thousands of dollars. And for bridge camera I would recommend  Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX400V

1. Capable of producing good quality photos.
2. Good for the budget.

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